Load, Aim, Hire!

By Steven Tucker -

I was recently asked what advice I’d give somebody who is starting a new business and hiring his or her first employee. As you’d probably expect from someone whose business is payroll software, my answer was about the importance of organising your payroll.

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Exit, Stage Left

By Steven Tucker -

New businesses that make their first payments to employees today will be allocated an automatic enrolment staging date of 1st February 2018. This is the date when they must assess their workers for enrolment into a pension, unless they are operating postponement.

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Searching for Payroll

By Steven Tucker -

If you are an employee with a query about your pay, you may be told to check with payroll. Googling the word “payroll” will bring up a list of companies but, when you ring them, you’ll discover that none of them can help. So, how can it be possible that your trusted search engine has let you down?

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Change Affecting QuickFile

By Steven Tucker -

We first connected our system to the QuickFile accounting system in 2013. Since then, customers who have an account with QuickFile have been able to send their payroll figures to their accounting system by clicking a button. Now, there’s a small change to the way it works and customers using this feature will need to take action.

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Frequently Asked Pension Question: 1% of What?

By Steven Tucker -

When business owners set up a company pension scheme they need to make a few choices, including deciding how much the business needs to pay into the pension. Many employers understand that this must be at least 1% but few seem to know that there is more to decide than the percentage: do they want 1% of the total wages, 1% of qualifying earnings, or something else?

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