Change Affecting QuickFile

Old Way v New WayWe first connected our system to the QuickFile accounting system in 2013. Since then, customers who have an account with QuickFile have been able to send their payroll figures to their accounting system by clicking a button. Now, there’s a small change to the way it works and customers using this feature will need to take action.

Since 2013, you’ve been able to connect your account on The Payroll Site to your QuickFile account by entering your QuickFile account number and API key on our site. Our system can then create the transactions you need within your QuickFile account.

QuickFile has introduced a new way of linking systems, which they call the QuickFile Marketplace. QuickFile previously used the term Marketplace to describe a forum area where you could connect with professionals to help with accounting-related services. The new QuickFile Marketplace, however, is used for connecting with specific applications, such as our cloud payroll system.

We’ve updated our system to work with the QuickFile Marketplace and for the time being, you can use either the old method, or this new way of linking to QuickFile. However, this will change on 4th September, when QuickFile are switching off the old authentication method and everyone will have to use their Marketplace. Before then, we’d recommend updating to the new method to prevent an unpleasant surprise in September. You can do this by following our step by step instructions.

This change only affects customers using QuickFile. It doesn’t affect those who transfer their data directly to QuickBooks Online, KashFlow, Business Accountz, FreeAgent, Sage One or Xero.

Steven Tucker

By Steven Tucker - Co-founder

Steven is one of the founders of The Payroll Site. He writes about things affecting small businesses, especially those things connected with payroll. He's also a Maths graduate and a Chartered IT Professional and has a few views about technology, maths and the misuse of both.