Helping Staff with Universal Credit

Sticking plastersBack in August, the Child Poverty Action Group flagged up a problem caused by the interaction between an employer’s choice of pay dates and their employee’s entitlement to universal credit. Although the recent budget did include some changes to universal credit, this particular problem wasn’t addressed. So, what can employers do about it?

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Real Pay Cycles Send Universal Credit Loopy

Part of the lunar cycleUniversal Credit is a monthly payment that is replacing six benefits, including Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. It gives essential support for people who need it, including those in low paid jobs. However, the way it is calculated makes it highly sensitive to the exact dates when the worker is paid. As a result, employers choosing certain pay patterns can inadvertently make life very difficult for staff who receive Universal Credit.

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CIPP Awards Shortlist

Bo the dog playing with his ownerThe Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) is the chartered association for payroll, pensions and reward professionals in the UK. This year, the CIPP has chosen to shortlist The Payroll Site for an award.

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New Joiner Questions

QuestionWhen someone starts their first job, they normally don’t have a P45 with their tax code on it. The new employer needs another way to decide which tax code and student loan deductions to apply. HMRC publishes a form for this purpose, but using it can trigger as many questions as answers.

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The MD’s Week

A DiaryI am a member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP). Like most professional associations, it runs training courses and keeps its members updated with the latest industry news.

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