Award-Winning Customer Service, Thanks to Alyson

Alyson, our Customer Service ManagerCustomer service is central to what we do. If I was using a payroll system and I hit a problem working out the wages, I’d expect to get help to resolve that problem pretty quickly. In my opinion, everyone should expect that, including our customers. That’s the reason we include telephone support in our price, rather than making it an optional extra.

Alyson Johnson-Smith has run our customer service department since 2007 and she makes sure her staff are available, trained and ready to deal with whatever comes up. Without the high level of service they provide, we would not have won the AccountingWEB Software Satisfaction Award  three years running. Alyson answers many of the calls herself, so you may have already spoken to her.

Alyson was recently interviewed by Faye Watts, who is an accountant, tax advisor and blogger. It is part of Faye’s “Financial Females” series and you can read the interview here.

Steven Tucker

By Steven Tucker - Co-founder

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